Accessibility Consulting

Technical Transformation And Team Trajectories

Creating a cohesive accessibility strategy requires a multidirectional approach which we have refined and distilled into engaging, interactive, and actionable consultation. Our digital accessibility consultation allows us the ability to inform, educate, and support your organization’s journey towards a higher standard of inclusion and empathy.

The accessibility landscape is changing fast and organizations must adapt quickly to champion diversity and inclusion.

What we do


We conduct a fully comprehensive evaluation starting from the business heads, leaders, and stakeholders of the organization, moving all the way through to examine the accessibility standards at a strategic level. Our unique approach ensures that we are able to support long-term accessibility through both training and improvements, as well as enhancing the focus on diversity, inclusion, and digital technology. This consulting approach includes:

  • Review procurement processes
  • Support VPAT Creation
  • Coordinating audits
  • Scheduling external remediation
  • Coaching leadership on strategies
  • Review and audit design systems


Our multidirectional philosophy requires that we mobilize and organize accessibility training in the ‘on-the-ground’ sense by equipping development teams with the knowledge they need in order to obtain an integrated level of accessibility throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). From basic training and accessibility tools to upskilling and nuanced empathy training, we offer teams the ability to discover accessibility knowledge in a holistic and supported manner. This consulting approach includes:

  • Assistance with hands-on accessibility training to ensure all roles are empowered to apply
  • Review design wireframes
  • Review and audit component library for issues
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