Working from home has changed the way we think about work. Now, more than ever, companies are seeking experts to help them meet ADA, AODA and WCAG compliance.

Read the report from The Wall Street Journal:

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Who is this Coaching for?

Our coaching is designed as a course directed specifically at developers, testers, designers, business owners, and business managers who have already achieved an entry-level of understanding of accessibility or know the basics.
The aim of our one-on-one coaching is to help you achieve your goals of communicating more than just the minimum level of accessibility or the technical content of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) to your clients or stakeholders.

What Does The Coaching Include?

  1. Assess
    We designed the initial leg of our one-on-one coaching course to find your digital accessibility knowledge baseline. You will discover your current status within the technical realm of accessibility, identify any gaps in your knowledge, understanding, or execution of accessibility standards.
  2. Communication
    Our communication coaching encourages you to embrace your ability to understand inclusion with empathy and develop and hone your presentation skills. The ability to translate your ethics, diversity, and inclusivity standards into a digestible format is key to ensuring that your accessibility career is flourishing and long- lasting.
  3. Connect
    It makes sense that once you have achieved a level of cohesion and understanding within an organization, you would want to ensure that your clients are aware of your accessibility efforts but that they understand and support them as well. Our coaching will promote your ability to sell your newly embraced culture.
  4. Engage
    Time for execution, time to put action to words. The final stage of our training will ensure that you can enact the changes you have outlined within your team, workplace, or organization. It is the climax of the one-on-one coaching where you make accessibility natural, real and normal.

Value adds

Grow your insights and accessibility knowledge by taking on the necessary training to achieve greater standards. With our one-on-one coaching, you will gain the additional benefits and value-add of:

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